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December 22, 2017

Copyright Royalty Board Moves to All Electronic Filing

The Copyright Royalty Judges announce the termination of the transition period from paper filing to electronic filing using the eCRB electronic filing and case management system. Effective January 1, 2018, all parties having the requisite technological capability must file documents electronically. The CRB will not accept paper filings except filings (1) from pro se parties technologically incapable of using eCRB and (2) documents not amenable to electronic filing as described in 37 CFR § 350.5(j).

Any entity obtaining an eCRB password consents to electronic delivery of all documents subsequent to a Petition to Participate. See 37 CFR § 350.5(g).

The Judges refer counsel and pro se parties having an interest in CRB proceedings to 37 CFR § 350.5.

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The Copyright Royalty and Distribution Reform Act of 2004 (CRDRA) established the Copyright Royalty Judges program in the Library of Congress. The Copyright Royalty Judges (Judges) oversee the copyright law’s statutory licenses, which permit qualified parties to use multiple copyrighted works without obtaining separate licenses from each copyright owner.

The Judges determine and adjust royalty rates and terms applicable to the statutory copyright licenses. They also oversee distribution of royalties deposited with the Copyright Office by certain statutory licensees and adjudicate controversies relating to the distributions.

The Judges are appointed by the Librarian of Congress to serve staggered six-year terms. Each may be reappointed to subsequent six-year terms. The Librarian appoints the Judges after a merit selection process.

Under the CRDRA, each judge must have a law degree. In addition, one judge must have significant knowledge of copyright law, one must have significant knowledge of economics, and one must have a minimum of five years’ judicial or quasi-judicial experience. The board of Judges consists of Judge Jesse M. Feder (copyright), Judge David R. Strickler (economics), and Judge Suzanne M. Barnett (chief judge). Judge Feder’s current term ends in January 2020; Judge Strickler’s current term ends in January 2022; and Judge Barnett’s current term ends in January 2018.

Suzanne Barnett

Suzanne BarnettChief Copyright Royalty Judge

Jesse Feder

Jesse FederCopyright Royalty Judge

David Strickler

David StricklerCopyright Royalty Judge